Jan. 21 Sunday Vintage Mission - Somme High Recons

1) Be sure to add the @jasta5.org domain to your safe senders list in your email system.

2) Register for the Jasta 5 Parser at http://stats.jasta5.org.

3) Register on this event forum. Please be sure you put "BAS_" in front of your forum user/profile name initially until your account is activated. Otherwise you may be mistaken for a webbot. Register on this forum and activate your account by clicking on the link in the confirmation email sent to you. If you do not receive the automated activation email within 10 minutes, check to see if it is in your SPAM box.

4) Before you can post on the forum, you must:

a) add yourself to the correct user group for the campaign of interest.
To add yourself to the user group go into the "User Control Panel" in the upper left corner of the forum window and select "Usergroups". Select the button next to "Black September" or "Bloody April". Look for the "Submit" button on the bottom right of the page.

b) Make "Black September" or "Bloody April" user group your default user group
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5) It is important to post on the "Pilot Check-In" thread and say hello immediately upon activating your account and joining the campaign of interest user group (and making it your default group) as described in the steps above. This confirms your forum registration is complete and that you have all the rights and privileges needed. Making a post is important since it proves that you are not a spam account and the forum will treat your account better and it will make our jobs easier managing all the accounts correctly.

Please help your teammates and others who may have trouble with the above. It does work! Most problems are user errors because pilots do not complete steps #4 and #5.
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Jan. 21 Sunday Vintage Mission - Somme High Recons

Unread post by BA_cubancoverunner » 19 Jan 2018, 05:19

Greetings gentlemen, this week's Sunday Vintage mission will see us in the Somme sector, late in the war. As always, air superiority is the name of the game to allow army observation aircraft to recon the front and provide intelligence and spotting to their respective forces. This map allows for both high altitude plane sets as well as limited aircraft, which must be used wisely.
This "Battle for Intelligence" is pretty straight forward, first side to 100 pics wins. We will roll to another map if / after this one completes.

Somme - High Recons 1918

Battle for Intelligence - September 1918

Location: Somme river, France

Mission objectives:

Both Allied and Central Squadrons are ordered to: (1) Fly offensive patrols over enemy lines to intercept enemy aircraft and (2) to protect their own reconaissance aircraft.

Description: Both AI and human flown reconaissance two-seaters will have to photograph strategic targets. The more photographs they can bring home safely, the better they will be prepared for the upcoming offensive. The first side that obtains 100 photographs will have won this "battle for intelligence". Any marked target on the map may be used to obtain more photos.

Photographs can be taken by the two-seaters (with camera!) from any altitude between 1500-4000 m.

Weather report: TBA

Will post weather 24hrs before mission start and will be available in mission briefing in-game.

Good luck gentlemen!

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