Wildgänse rauschen durch die Nacht/Wild geese rush through t

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Wildgänse rauschen durch die Nacht/Wild geese rush through t

Unread post by J5_Goettel » 27 Feb 2012, 08:32


As a soilder of the Austrian Armed Forces and as a student of history it is my duty and pleasure, to show you one of the famoused folk Songs of the of the German people (The Austrians have also manufactures the popular German) during the World War I.


Here is the link.

The translation of the songtext:

Wild geese rush through the night
With a shrill cry to the north -
Restless drive! Take heed you, heed!
The world is full of dangers.

Journey through the world nachtdurchwogte,
Gray and mighty squadron!
Bright pale shrugs, as battle cry,
Much bubbling and surging of the strife.

Rush on, slip on, you gray army!
Rushes to ride to the north!
When you fly south over the sea -
What has become of us!

We are like you, a gray army
And are driving in Emperor's name,
And we are driving without a recurrence,
Rushes us in the fall of an Amen

Hope you enjoy it! ;-)

Kämpf in Stahlgewittern


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