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josef mai

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‎13th January 1918 - On this day, Josef Mai recorded his 6th aerial victory.

Mai was born in Galicia in the Austro-Hungarian empire but to German parents and as such, his military career began in the 10th lancers.

He fought in the initial German offensive in 1914 before being moved east in 1915 where he fought near Warsaw and also farther South on the Dniester river (modern day Ukraine I believe).

He joined the air service in 1915 and moved from reconnaissance to fighter aircraft in 1917 as an NCO in Jasta 5. His efforts along with Fritz Rumey and Otto Koennecke gave the unit 3rd place in terms of kills.

Mai would paint his aircraft with zebra stripes as he believed it would disrupt the enemy pilots aim.

He would go on to achieve 30 kills and was nominated for the Pour le Merite but Germany was defeated before it was approved. (ES)
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