The color of "grreen"

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The color of "grreen"

Unread post by J5_Bäumer » 23 Mar 2012, 03:15

For you skinners and artists... ... ching.html

How do these look in real life (i.e. on a virtual skin/ribbon etc)?


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Unread post by J5_Wolf » 23 Mar 2012, 13:06

Thanks Baumer,
I have those same color charts and a ton more from that site. It's a great resource for sure. The thing with the green and all colors in the game is that due to the special lighting and setup of the games settings, colors change once you've adding them to a skin and try it out in the game. In other words if I want to get a very light shade of white then I must go with a medium gray. The game changes it to a light shaded color when loaded in game. It's crazy for sure but not hard to figure out once you play around with the colors for a while. So to sum it up if you want to get the perfect green its best to look for color charts of that same color like here: ... color1.png

This way you get a really good choice to play with the color green. I am hoping Rumey could send me the template he used for the Wolf skin so I can create another Unknown pilot skin that is out there. It's in our gallery on our main site....Slaute and thanks again.
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