Olga's Grandma's German Pork Roast Recipe

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Olga's Grandma's German Pork Roast Recipe

Unread post by J5_Könnecke » 02 May 2011, 19:32

S! Alles!

Olga one day near the kitchen told me her Grandma's easy German pork roast recipe that she said is enjoyed widely in Bavaria (and our Hofbrau as well of course! She said it was a tasty pork recipe that I and my fellow pilots will love too!

She said I would will need:

1kg pork shoulder with rind. Wash the meat thoroughly, dry and season with freshly ground salt and pepper. Rub the salt and pepper well into the meat. Score the pork rind with a sharp knife.

Pour water in a roasting tray to a depth of 2cm. Then place the meat, rind down, into the roasting tray. Slice two medium sized onions (with the skin on) into 1/2cm thick rings. Slice 3 garlic cloves and place over the meat. Sprinkle 2 dessert spoons of cararway seeds over the meat.

Place in a preheated oven at 250 degrees C for half an hour. Then turn the meat over, rind facing up and baste.

It is important to loosen the crust away from the meat and do not baste with too much broth at one time. Baste little and often.

Cook for another hour and a half. Near the end of the cooking time brush the crispy rind with cold dark beer or cold water (no Nehi this time!). This will ensure crispy crackling. The sauce must be brown and clear. Never thicken with flour or cornflour. In Bavaria that would be a deadly sin!

She said we should enjoy her Grandma's German roast pork recipe with German potato dumplings or German Sauerkraut with a beer or a Grape Nehi. J5_Müller


One new recipie a week for the ladies in our life!

Unread post by J5_Könnecke » 10 May 2011, 00:23

Olga dropped a piece of paper from her apron serving Nehi's to the officers of Jasta 5 while I was in the H house last night. here is what it had on it:

"Olga, to win the heart of one of those pilots you have been bugging me about incessantly you should make this for him!

500g minced beef or pork
1 onion chopped
1-2 breadrolls
1 egg
salt and pepper
a little milk
herbs to taste

Put the 1-2 bread rolls into a bowl with some milk to cover and leave for half an hour.

Meanwhile put the minced meat into a mixing bowl. Chop the onion very finely and add to the meat mixture.

Season with a little salt and pepper. Crack the egg into a cup (this ensures that egg shell is not included) and add to the mixture. Knead with your fingers or use a whisk if you are worried about your fingernails.

Take the bread rolls from the bowl and squeeze them with your hands to ensure that the moisture is squeezed out. Chop the bread into small pieces.

Add the bread to the meatball mixture and knead again to make sure that everything is thoroughly mixed together. At this stage you can add herbs or chili powder if that is what you think he likes.

Take a spoonful of the meatball mixture and shape it into a ball with your hands. It is up to you regarding the size. For parties I tend to make smaller ones.

Roll the ball into the breadcrumb mixture until well coated.Put the ball onto a plate and flatten slightly with your hands.

Heat some cooking oil (I tend to use sunflower oil) in a pan and fry on both sides until golden brown and cooked through.

Good luck with him dear!"


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Unread post by J5_Rumey » 20 May 2011, 06:32

Nice stuff will see if I can have a goo at last one with my wife some weekend here. I love "Gooeyash" ! :)

Also moved the other subject Müller it can now be found in pilots area on the forums.


Roger that!

Unread post by J5_Könnecke » 20 May 2011, 14:24

Great, and thanks! Please let me know how it turns out!

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Unread post by J5_Bäumer » 31 May 2011, 23:02

Shortly, frau Baeumer will have a full course dinner menu available to try out! Mmmmm.... :)



Soup will be next!!

Unread post by J5_Könnecke » 31 May 2011, 23:35

To round this out I think soup is in order!!


End of recipies for now

Unread post by J5_Könnecke » 11 Jun 2020, 19:30

Till I get inspired this will be the end of the recipies for awhile. I hope you all enjoyed them! Thanks for viewing! K

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