Jasta 5 Books

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Jasta 5 Books

Unread post by J5_Schneider » 17 Apr 2010, 23:01

There are 2 excellent books out there on Jasta 5 that have all sorts of history, people, places, planes and paint schemes for your reading. They are "Jagdstaffel 5 (vol. 1)" and "Jagdstaffel 5 (vol. 2)" by G. K. Merrill. If you ever wanted to know squad history, pilot names and what the pilots did, this is a great source. There is even a detailed printout of the standing orders issued by Hans Berr on formation and attack doctrine (volume 1, pages 16 through eighteen). There are also a number of excellent color plates of paint schemes -- I found the one for Kurt Schneider (volume 1, page 28, plate 13) and I am excited about that find.

The files you want are (note the parentheses in file name -- you want those specifically, not the ones without parentheses) –

Windsock Datafile Special Jagdstaffel 5 (vol.1).rar

Windsock Datafile Special Jagdstaffel 5 (vol.2).rar

Where to get them --

For volume 1 –

http://www.hotfile123.com/download.php? ... l.1%29.rar

For volume 2 –

http://www.hotfile123.com/download.php? ... l.2%29.rar

There are also lots of other docs here that I have yet to explore.

How to get the files --
1) Use the links above or look for the file name in "Last downloads" or "Related files" lists on the web page noted above.
2) Click the file names. You may have to enter a code at various points to enable download -- this is to prevent robot activity. Just type in the letters shown in the box and follow the directions. There is a free download option that lets you get the files 1 at a time after you wait 60 seconds. This is the option to choose.
3) Save the files in a folder and use 7-Zip (this is a free app) to extract the PDF file inside the RAR file

NOTE -- these files are big (volume 1 is 39.9 Megs and volume 2 is 18.5 Megs) -- so if you do not have a fast connection, start your download at bed time.

Some of the photos are on my Facebook page. Link to Schneider's Facebook page through our J5 Facebook site -- you have to join Facebook and the J5 group -- to see some cool stuff including photos from these books.

How to get to J5 Facebook page -- there is a link on the J5 home page in the lower left.

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Unread post by J5_Berger » 19 Oct 2011, 15:01

I tried the links above and it says the files have been lost, any chance of uploading them again ?


Unread post by J5_Koenen » 08 Feb 2012, 13:25

They have disabled sharing function, I would be interested in reading these

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Unread post by J5_Wolf » 08 Feb 2012, 18:37

Here is the books from my private stash...

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Unread post by J5_Casey » 09 Jun 2020, 04:25

awesome! thanks wolf!

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