You have just landed on the airfield of the Jagdstaffel 5
"Green Tails" in 1917 - Willkommen

J5 Flight Line

All Jasta Flights begin Saturdays starting at 1400 GMT/UTC.  Meet in the Radio Room (see the tab on menu bar to left).




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Observer Reports:

Submit a separate report for EACH two-seater mission flown. One report per mission should be submitted immediately upon landing to help assure credit is received.

Always include grid locations of the mission objectives. Location! Location! Location!

Submit your materials to intelligence for review:  remember that in addition to filing a report, you should also submit photos (from East and West perspective) for photo recce missions to in order to assure you get credit for the mission. 


Commander Reports:

One report is required from each side following each mission. 

side Commanders or the Officer in Charge following the conclusion of the mission should meet with their counter-party from the other side immediately following the mission and their side debrief, in order to discuss any complaints etc.  After meeting with the other sides representative, each side Commander or the Officer in Charge submits their sides report using the correct link below.  Additionally side Commanders or the Officer in Charge must submit the screenshot of the mission completion summary for their side to

Two-seater Observer  &   Commander/Officer Reports:


Entente Reports     Central Reports



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