Thanks and initial communication

New recruit candidates are asked to carefully follow these instructions:

1. If you have not already done so, report immediately to the recruiting tent at and submit an application to the German Army Air Service and Jasta 5.

2. Register on this forum and follow instructions for activating your account (you must click a link in an activation email sent to you during the registration process).

3. Log back on to the forum after you activate your account.

4. Join the "Rekruit" user group. To join the Rekruit group after logging on to the forum:
- click on the User Control Panel (UCP) in the upper left corner of the forum window.
- click on "Usergroups".
- click the radio button located far right of the "Rekruit" user group
- scroll down to the bottom of the page
- make sure the drop down menu indicates "join group" and click submit
- click "Yes" to confirm and wait to be taken back automatically to the previous page.

You should now see "Rekruits" listed as a group you are a member of.

- select the radio button that now appears to the left of the "Rekruit" group.
- scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the "Change Default Group" in the lower left corner and confirm submit changes.

5. IMPORTANT: make a post here confirming that you have submitted your application AFTER joining the Rekruit user group described above. Click on the Luftstreitkräft header link to be taken into the forum area to make your post.

6. After you have made your first post on the forum, scroll down and locate the newly appearing "RoF New Recruit Induction and Orientation" forum area. Follow the additional instructions found there.

NOTE: new recruits are initially given probationary access to areas on the forum but are not able to post as they read, watch, learn. At the conclusion of your probation, (as you become involved with the Jasta and get promoted and participate in the life of the group more fully via Teamspeak and flying with us) you will be able to view/post more freely throughout the forum. This helps new recruits not make any mistakes or blunders early in their career.

7. Start visiting us on Teamspeak via the Radio Room at Ask questions!

Congratulations on starting your career with the Greentails of Jagdstaffel 5!
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Thanks and initial communication

Unread post by J5_Josef_Tabone » 24 Jun 2020, 19:46

Dear all J5 members

I would like to thank you all for accepting me into the J5 squadron. Special thanks go to Daedalus, Spy Boy and last but not least Strum.

I hope that would be come a valued member and significantly contribute to the cause

best regards and awaiting further instructions


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Re: Thanks and initial communication

Unread post by J5_Bäumer » 25 Jun 2020, 19:46

Welcome Joseftabone. Please report to the Pilots Lounge on this forum and look for a thread with your name.


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