Black Septermber 3 Week 3 Results

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Black Septermber 3 Week 3 Results

Unread post by J5_Matthias » 26 Sep 2018, 22:05

It all started off well for Entente...
American units with armor support cut through the German lines in several places with friendly squadrons positioned overhead to support, and the Germans appeared to have been caught mostly flatfooted. And then, a severe thunderstorm with gale force winds rolled in seemingly out of nowhere and shut operations down completely.

Once the offensive picked back up as the storm moved on, the element of surprise was lost. The ground bogged the tanks down, the timetables for coordination and support with the aircraft fell through and the Germans easily re-positioned to deal a mighty counterattack against the stunned American troops. The Independent Air Force did achieve some minor success in the rear of the German lines but it seemed to have little impact on operations at the front overall.

RED (Entente) 4 vs BLUE (Central) 21
North Front: 0 / 5
Central Front: 0 / 8
Southern Front: 0 / 8
Special Objective (IAF Strategic Targets): 4 / 0

Entente: 11+18+4= 33
Central: 7+20+21= 48
Jagdstaffel 5

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