Black September 3 Week 4 Results

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Black September 3 Week 4 Results

Unread post by J5_Matthias » 07 Oct 2018, 12:36

Any time you put a lake smack dab in the middle of a war, it's going to cause interesting tactical issues. For the Entente the historically decision was ultimately simple. Attack elsewhere first, wait for the diplomatic strain between the Kaiser and the war weary Bulgarian government trying to avoid home brewed socialist revolution to blow up like a powderkeg, and finally move in, pick up the pieces, and force an Armistice.

Today was hard fought and there were some pivotal moments in the fighting in the skies. Entente squadron ground attacks against the rear guard positions were savage but costly. Costly enough for the Bulgarians in turn to focus their attention and completely stall out the Serbian Army marching forward in the center. On the other hand the French Army, receiving less attention, made it's final objective. Similarly, the barges of retreating Germans running across the lake were savagely hounded - at a high price, which then allowed the Bulgarians to retain aerial superiority over Lake Doiran into the evening.

RED (Entente) 18 vs BLUE (Central) 8
Serbian Army Advance: 1 / 0
French Army Advance: 7 / 0
Recons/Balloon Kills: 2 / 2
Bulgarian Retreat Losses: 4 / 0
German Retreat Losses: 2 / 0
Armistice Talks: 2 / 0
Air Superiority: 0 / 6

Entente: 11+18+4+18 = 51
Central: 7+20+21+8 = 56
Jagdstaffel 5

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