Black September 3 Week 5 Results

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Black September 3 Week 5 Results

Unread post by J5_Matthias » 07 Oct 2018, 13:06

Sometimes it all comes down to numbers. The Brits just didn't have the forces to support a breakthrough today. Nonetheless they gave their all, heroically (perhaps sucidally) engaging at critical points of the front with air superiority clearly in favor of the Germans. That story played out very similarly over the waves. The Royal Navy suffered the most crushing defeat since Jutland thanks to the lack of fire direction support from the RAF. Surely the politicians in Whitehall are sharpening their swords and looking for heads to lop off...

All in all, that leaves the Central Powers with a clear victory in the action this September. Thank you all for participating, we're always glad to be able to host this event and look forward to seeing you in future campaigns!

I leave you with one final token of my experiences today. The hilarious and glorious moment that my flying boat successfully conducted a stabilized no wings landing from a starting altitude of approximately 5000 feet, taken by my dashing front gunner Sir Simon Samuel Sedgewick of Southampton.


RED (Entente) 8 vs BLUE (Central) 27
North Front: 4 / 4
Central Front: 2 / 6
Southern Front: 2 / 5
Special Objective (Naval Battle Support): 0 / 12

Entente: 11+18+4+18+8 = 59
Central: 7+20+21+8+27 = 83
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Re: Black September 3 Week 5 Results

Unread post by JG1 Luftritter » 08 Oct 2018, 13:52

No THAT would have been something to see a video of! Great work! 8)

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