Black September 5 Week 3

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Black September 5 Week 3

Unread post by J5_Bäumer » 22 Sep 2020, 03:17


Entente had requested prior to the start of the campaign for channel limits to be increased. Their requests were declined.

During Week 3, Central team exceeded channel limits on in-game communications long established by the event organizers (see below) in a crucial area at a crucial time determining the final outcome of the mission. Entente had tanks rolling in the sector. With extra pilots moved onto the same comms channel, it allowed Central to coordinate attacks on the tanks in that sector with more efficiency and effect than Central otherwise would be expected to have done without exceeding the channel limits. The increased communication between this large group of Central pilots likely altered the final outcome of the mission by preventing a Entente breakthrough in that sector, preventing Entente from capturing the second sector needed to win the mission.

The Central High Commander has asked that it be noted that he was responsible for moving pilots from one sector comms channel to another, but did not recall the limits on channels in the heat of battle. It should be noted that High Commanders and Sector Commanders generally are given permissions granting them the ability to move pilots to various channels in game. Unfortunately that permission in Discord also grants permission to override channel limits established by the event organizers. If it were possible to separate the two permissions, the organizers would do so but Discord is not built to do that. This contributed to the situation.

It is the finding of the event organizers that while the Central High Commander and sector commanders did not intend to knowingly break any rules, the fact remains that Central exceeding established pilot channel limits in a hotly contested sector during a crucial point in the mission was a violation that significantly benefited Central in the final outcome of the mission.

As a result, Entente is considered to have broken through the second sector and destroyed the train/bridge (Entente planes were on station to destroy them quickly as they did in Sector C) thus meeting the victory requirements for Week 3. Week 3 will be manually adjusted in the final standings to be credited as a win for Entente, although the parser will not reflect this. Individual pilot scores for both sides are unaffected. Only the final outcome of the Week 3 mission objectives are objectives.

Current results for the campaign are adjusted to reflect the following:
Entente 1 mission win
Central 2 mission wins

Week 4 will see Central seeking a overall win and Entente seeks to tie the campaign. All pilots and team commanders are reminded to honor the pilot limits set on the communications channels.

For more information on communications in game, see the official event forum linked below for longstanding rules on communications in Jasta 5 events and specifically Black September, for the past few years. This forum was referenced in earlier communications to all players has been used by players in all previous campaigns:

viewtopic.php?f=116&t=14719&sid=5af6e5d ... 1a944636c5

It states:

"Although not written in the BS rules, we would like to keep the same comms protocol that we use in BA. This is standard for J5 events.

In a nutshell....

1- Different flights should be on different channels. A group taking off from a field in the north should not be in communication with a group from a field in the south. There are some exceptions, a group that is assigned to rendezvous with a bomber or recon in order to escort him may be on the same channel. Also, a group that gets separated or splits up during the flight may remain on the same assigned channel.

2- Once in flight you should not change channels or communicate with anyone that wasn't on your channel when you took off. Please stay on your assigned channel until you have landed or been forced down/killed. Then you can communicate with your commander, who can relay any info to another group once they have landed.

3- Avoid joining the channel of a group "still in the air" , unless it is to act as a gunner or if you are arriving late and are going to be joining that group.

The idea here is to try to keep the flow of information to a minimum. Pilots in the Great War were unable to react to events not in their immediate vicinity in "real time". We've found in the past that following these rules helps create a more historic, exciting and yes, frustrating event."

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Re: Black September 5 Week 3

Unread post by J2_drookasi » 22 Sep 2020, 05:55

I am responsible for the penalty incurred on the central side resulting on the 3rd mission being accredited to the Entente. I moved a number of central pilots to a specific channel, during a specific time in the 3rd mission and over-exceeded the capacity of the channel. Even though this occurred for no more than 15 mins, after which I was informed of the violation and corrected it, this had been a wrong decision and I am to blame for the resulting consequences.

I am expressing my apologies to the central team because we are penalized with the loss of the 3rd mission thus their efforts and time had been in vain.

I apologize to the Entente team for giving them the impression that I am using unjustified means to win the mission, while their adherence to the rules did not offer them the same advantage. I only hope they recognize that my intention had not been to cheat.

Finally, my apologies to the organizers as represented by J5_Baeumer for putting them in an awkward position. I never meant to undermine their efforts for the game and the community.
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Re: Black September 5 Week 3

Unread post by J5_Josef Mai » 22 Sep 2020, 15:41

Wait...What? You are NOT the infallible Commander we expected? What a disapointment!... :wink:
No worries Drook, you're doing a great job!


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