2017 4th Quarter Report

This is where pilots are recognized for victories, accomplishments, and service performed both on the ground as well as in the air. Please congratulate and honor them and seek to emulate their achievments!
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2017 4th Quarter Report

Unread post by J5_Karl_Loppnow » 01 Jan 2018, 23:22

1917 - 4th Quarter Performance Report for Jasta 5 [Corrected]

Our Squad Ranking on Qualified Servers (by month/campaign for this quarter)
Only full real servers with a rating of 1.5 may be considered to be "Qualified" pending approval of HQ.

Wargrounds - 5th, 5th, 4th
Vintage Missions - 1st, 1st, 1st

Pilots in "Top 5" Categories on Qualified Servers (for CE, Score, V-Lifes)
Commendations are granted to the following pilots for their excellence in performance, as evidenced by being mentioned in enemy dispatches and newspapers:

Chunko/Klugermann (7), Gamecock/Mai (2), Loppnow/Mueller (1)

Pilot Promotions
The following pilot(s) earned promotion to the rank indicated following successful completion of the required training course(s) and/or through service. Pilots being promoted are directed to review instructions for completing their promotion in the forum:

None reported

Top 5 Pilot Flight Times (combined hours on qualified servers*)
* Does not currently include hours flown with campaigns
Commendations Certificates are awarded to the following pilot(s):

Loppnow (73), Klugermann (70), Mai (59), Chunko (35), Mueller (32)

Top 5 Kill Streaks of 6 or more (in one virtual life)
Commendation Certificates are awarded to the following pilot(s):

Chunko (11), Klugermann (10), Mai (9), Gamecock (6)

Top 3 Bombing Efficiency (BE) of 16 or over (by month for this quarter)
Commendation Certificates are awarded to the following pilot(s):

Loppnow (20, 29, 44)

Individual Pilot Achievement Awards
The following pilot(s) were nominated by the Lob Protokoll Führer (Lpkf) as having met established requirements. The nominations were reviewed by HQ and referred to High Command with support. The following awards are hereby bestowed:

None reported

New Recruits and Transfers In
The following pilot(s) have enlisted, transferred or returned to Jagdstaffel 5.

None reported

We remind all pilots that these results are based upon their reports submitted through the monthly activity report and/or statistical data parsed from the qualified servers (which we know are not always precise). Corrections may be submitted to loppnow@jasta5.org (are happily accepted) and are subject to final approval by HQ.


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