2014 September Service Record viewable now

This is where pilots are recognized for victories, accomplishments, and service performed both on the ground as well as in the air. Please congratulate and honor them and seek to emulate their achievments!
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2014 September Service Record viewable now

Unread post by J5_Bäumer » 03 Jan 2015, 04:17

To contribute to the successes and victory of the Jagdstaffel, should be each pilot's highest desire. It is through promotions and awards that our unit is able to recognize many of the Jasta's accomplishments over the recent month(s) by commemorating and acknowledging those who have played a part or role - some large, some small; some purposeful and some incidental or even accidental - in our success.

By honoring these individuals, we honor and recognize ourselves, whatever our rank or position. Those who are recipients may reflect upon the honor it is to bear these remembrances of all our efforts and preserve for history, and the memory of all, those fellow Green Tails who have lifted them up and made these things possible - some who fly beside us in formation and some who have fallen out of our formation forever.

The following pilots will step forward out of ranks, front and center! By the order of the Kaiser, as requested by Hpt. Paul Bäumer and approved by Staffelführer Hans Berr, be it known to all... that for service to your country and duties performed for the Jagdstaffel... for conduct consistent with the Pilots Code of Jasta 5 and for actions in the air crucial to victory for the Fatherland... the following pilots have earned certifications, promotions, awards, and Orders as follows...

Service and Achievement Awards and Promotions

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