Topic: Track IR, Camels, German Plane Analysis, Gunnery

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Topic: Track IR, Camels, German Plane Analysis, Gunnery

Unread post by J5_Berr » 02 Oct 2010, 17:05

Here are valuable excerpts from a recently filed AAR. Special thanks to Schneider for his contribution. Please remember to file an "After Action Report" using the link on the left menu of the website following each flight in order to get credit for your activity as well as to contribute to the learning of the group.
'TrackIR really helps with SA. Almost a must for RoF. Gotta keep your head steady or you cannot sight guns. Use lots of rudder to line up, throttle for pitch -- much better than stick. I fly a lot at 75% throttle, use the extra for quick goose in vertical moves.

High yo-yo (not low or you blow alt advantage) and pitch turns very effective against Camel vertical moves. Belly shots will flame him. '
Mostly flew Pfaltz DIIIa -- great turn fighter that keeps up with the Camel. Also fast enough to tangle with Spad XIII. We practiced wingman tactics flying loose deuce most of the time which got us our kills. We got killed when separated.

Other planes flown today -- D5a is very easy to fly but blows energy quickly. D7 (not D7f) is good turn fighter and BnZ, but not great. D7 a bit twitchy to line up.
I find in actual combat my gunnery is better than when flying against drones. Odd....but it seem to be true.

Deflection shots -- you do not need to lead as much as you think like in RB3D. Use rudder to walk shots back to target.'
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