Setting up a custom view like a gunsight

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Setting up a custom view like a gunsight

Unread post by J5_Schneider » 13 Jun 2011, 01:11

Update 1.019 includes field mods that include gun sights. This requires a custom view to use. Here is how to do it--

The following is a post taken from the link cited below with thanks to BH_Klaue: ... ht#p269730

Example of view adjustment in the Centered snap mode:

While adjusting view in centered snap mode you should hold the key button, do not release this button while adjusting your current view and in addictive snap and Centered snap mode it will be enough to change preset view. You CANNOT save view presets in pan mode.

Its recommended to adjust view presets in fixed snap mode, but the following example – is just an example, no more. When pressing the "right view" key (numpad 6), and selecting a POV key to adjust the current point of view and saving it, the new view can be registered (this procedure is also available when in the addictive and fixed snap modes). With the help of the POV keys; insert/home (the x-axis), del/end (the z-axis) and pgup/pgdwn (the y-axis) - the view angle can be modified (i.e. the view moved around to minimize a wing blocking line of sight, or to raise the view for example, to minimize the fuselage decking blocking the view). FOV can also be modified in these adjustments by using the "numpad -" and "numpad +" keys/buttons. After adjusting to the desired new viewpoint, save the changes by pressing the F10 key. Now the key/button will use the saved view (in this example for numpad 6), as the view will have been switched to this newly adjusted change.

Continuing with this example above, the same procedure applies to combinations of "right view" + up angles (i.e. a view angle to the right adjusted +45 upwards) - you should hold both keys of a "combined" view while adjusting before saving.

There is also a method to assign "additional views" in ROF, as an example for having a specific landing or cockpit gauge view. By default the "additional view" key is numpad del (.) (key_DECIMAL). You can specify 9 (+1) additional views to the numpad keys.

Adjustment of additional views is the same as with the above overview, but in this case it is necessary to hold the "additional view" key down while adjusting the selected numpad key view (by default numpad 1 to 9 + "additional view" key), and then saving the new additional view by pressing the F10 key.

For example, an "additional view" for the RPM gauge on the SPAD 13 can be assigned as follows: While holding the "additional view" key + the numpad 4 key/button down, (do not release) and adjusting the view so that the RPM gauge can been seen as desired (using the mouse for exact adjustment) then by pressing the F10 key- this additional view will be saved. Thus when pressing the same combination of keys again (“additional view” and “left view”) a custom view of the SPAD’s RPM gauge will be seen.

Accordingly, when specifying new view parameters, you should always press the F10 key to save these adjustments.
Some more info on setting any sort of custom view ---

The following is a post taken from a link cited below with thanks to NickM: ... ght#p60531

How to make a gunsight view (or any other fixed view):

1) Get into the cockpit and turn off your TrackIR. A free-flight mission is best so you can do it stationary on the ground.
2) Pick the numpad key (0-9) you want to assign to a view (e.g., gunsight view). Hold that key down!
3) While holding down the numpad key, use the Home, End, Delete, PgUp, PgDwn, Insert, NumPad Minus and Plus keys and the mouse to get the exact view position, zoom and direction you want.
4) Continue holding down the numpad key and press F10 to assign that view to that numpad key. Only now release the numpad key.
5) Finished!
6) Repeat for the other numpad keys if you want other views.

Main point - hold the numpad key you want to assign to the view down through the entire process.

When you press the numpad key (or use the hat switch), the view will now snap to your pre-defined view for as long as you hold the key down. On my Sidewinder FFB joystick, the positions of the hat switch correspond to the numpad keys by default, so hat up is numpad-8, hat down is numpad-2, hat upper-right is numpad-9 etc. (if not, you should be able to map them to the key anyway). If you can't move the view with the numpad key held down, try hitting F9 to cycle through the different view modes.

Of course, the views you set are particular to that type of aircraft, so you can have different gunsight views on, say, the Dophin and Pfalz D.IIIa.

I have a gunsight view in all aircraft mapped to numpad-8, which is "hat switch up". On those rare occasions when I can get into a firing position, all I have to do in the game is to push the hatswitch up, immediately TIR is over-ridden and the view goes to a fixed, zoomed gunsight view for as long as I hold the hat switch up. The moment I release it, my viewpont goes back to the standard pilot head position and TIR resumes. It's absolutely brilliant and a very clever bit of thinking on Neoqb's part.

Doing this you can map a whole series of fixed views to your numpad keys or hat switch for each aircraft, all of which will over-ride TrackIR the moment you press the key or use the hat switch. You can set a view ahead with the pilot viewpoint raised as much as possible to see over a wing, or you can set one crouching down over the gunsight or zoomed in on compass, fuel gauge etc. All these views will be fixed and you cannot pan from them or look around from them with the TrackIR. My usual views include gunsight, ahead-left leaning as far left out of the cockpit as possible, ahead-right the same, straight up (can never get enough "up" from my TIR), down to either side, again leaning over the cockpit and zoomed views of various instruments depending on the aircraft in question.
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Unread post by J5_Bock » 13 Jun 2011, 17:40

Thanks Schneider!!!! Putting this in an easy one-stop location is a big help to computer challenged people like me! :lol:

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