Important Gunnery Info for Update

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Important Gunnery Info for Update

Unread post by J5_Bäumer » 27 Jun 2012, 04:39

From ... c05902c2a0
Weapons Controls in ROF

The following information was prepared by LukeFF about how weapon controls work in ROF version 1.026.

One of the new features of Rise of Flight version 1.026 is the way in which guns are charged, reloaded, and fired. Each of these features is discussed below.

Recharging and reloading your guns:

Rise of Flight now uses a new system to charge/recharge and reload your guns. As opposed to earlier versions of the game, the R key (All guns recharge / rearm) now controls all aspects of recharging and reloading your guns. No longer are guns able to be recharged simultaneously. When you press the R key, each gun that needs to be recharged will be recharged in sequence, followed by any guns which need to be reloaded (also in sequence).

In short, this new system is based upon two simple concepts:

Only guns which need to be recharged will be recharged.
Only guns which need to be reloaded will be reloaded.
Firing your guns:

There are several new gunfire commands implemented in version 1.026. Each of these is described below:

All guns fire (Space): this command operates the same as in previous versions of the game. All guns which are charged and have ammo will fire with this command.
Forward-facing guns fire (Right Alt + Space): this command only fires guns which are currently aligned to converge with your gunsight. This means that any upper-wing mounted guns which are tilted to fire upwards (see below) will not fire with this command. In addition, the Lewis machine gun as mounted on the Albatros D.III, the Albatros D.Va, and the R.E.8, and the Becker automatic cannon as mounted on the two versions of the Albatros D.II will not fire at all with this command, as they are not fitted to converge with each plane’s respective gunsight.
Nose guns fire (Left Alt +Space): this command only fires the guns fitted to the nose of your aircraft.
Overwing guns fire (comma): this command fires all guns mounted to the upper wing of your aircraft, regardless of the angle at which they are tilted.
Wing-guns fire (period): this command fires the two Lewis machine guns mounted on the lower wings of the Sopwith Dolphin.

Moving the upper-wing mounted guns:

Any gun that is mounted to the upper wing of your aircraft, if capable of movement, can be moved up and down in order to change the magazine or in some cases the angle at which it fires. Typically this is 45 degrees up angle for Foster mounted weapons. To do this, press the Left Alt + R key combination (Elevate / Depress guns).

Note: if one of your upper-wing guns needs to be reloaded, you do not need to use this command before using the All guns recharge / rearm command. In such cases the animation of the gun being pulled down and subsequently pushed back up will play automatically. The same is also true for recharging guns, although with some aircraft the gun will not be pulled down before the recharging animation plays. This simulates the ability of pilots to reach up and pull the charging handle without needing to get up out of their seat. Aircraft currently simulated in this manner include the Albatros D.III, the Albatros D.Va, the Nieuport 11, the Nieuport 17, the S.E.5a, and the Sopwith Dolphin.

We think you will enjoy the new more realistic weapon mechanics found in version 1.026. There are always compromises that need to be made when creating such systems in a flight-sim, but we feel these new features add a depth and technical achievement unmatched in the flight-sim genre. Special thanks to Wad and LukeFF for their assistance in gathering this information.

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Unread post by J5_Matthias » 27 Jun 2012, 12:54

Also it would probably be helpful if people testing out the new overwing guns can post their aiming techniques since they do not sync up with the nose guns.

So far my overwing control setup is:

Normal trigger button bound to both nose guns and wing guns.
Seperate joystick button for overwing guns
New joystick button for elevate/depress overwing gun.

No new set look positions for overwing aiming.
- Setting up a precise aiming view for the overwing Lewis firing forwards seems just about impossible, so I'm currently only using it only at a 45 angle because I can use track IR to aim down the gun sights. Setting up a hat look for the aim doesn't really work because I'd need my thumb to fire the gun at the same time it's holding the aiming view

- Not sure if the becker 20mm overwing can be elevated. Can someone else check that please? I only have the becker on the Gotha at the moment.

20mm Becker thoughts:
- Holy crap does that hit a plane like a truck!
- Don't miss! You have only 3 seconds of full auto fire per mag.
- Treat it like a semi auto if you're going to try to snipe but don't even bother over 250 feet because with the new dispersion changes, they're probably going to try to come in close. Patience pays.
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