Event Preview, Community Standards

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Event Preview, Community Standards

Unread post by J5_Bäumer » 28 Feb 2016, 00:08

Organizing Teams:
Following assignment to a side, pilots will be given access to the forum for their side and will need to self organize themselves.

Pilots Check In:
Pilots will post on the private team forum which mission time slots they are available/interested to fly in. Officers and the Commander will then be able to organize and assign pilots to slots that meet team needs and individual pilot schedules.

Equity and Fairness of Flights:
Everyone is reminded that this is a community event and therefore the officers and commanders you elect are obligated to look out for the interests of all the pilots on their side, not just pilots from their own unit or squad. Make some new friends, learn from one another. If you have problems with how things are being run on your side, voice them to your commander privately. Make suggestions/recommendations to the Officers and Commander on your teams forum if that is most appropriate. Seek to work things out privately with anyone you are having a difficulty with. Then go up the chain. Don't post on the Neutral event forums. Keep it "in house". Everyone is free to use voice Teamspeak 3 communications server as a means of meeting to discuss, organize, and problem solve together. We are all adults and capable of making this an enjoyable event. If someone is not acting like an adult correct them and be a support to your leadership in trying to correct problem behavior.

Cultural and Language Differences:
Please remember that there will be several languages and cultures represented and that the typed word on the forum will likely only convey a tiny bit of the real thinking or message trying to be conveyed by the author (or understood by someone reading this for whom English is a second language).

When in doubt, please give each other the benefit of the doubt.

If you are easliy offended, try harder not to be. Read things 5 times before hitting the reply button. Read your reply 5 more times OUTLOUD to yourself before hitting the send button. Ask the author of a post to clarify their thought. Repeat what you think is being said and ask if that is what they meant. We'll all find that usually we are misinterpreting and adding as much of our own meaning as the author intended. Have you been drinking the Schnapps or Whiskey? Did you have a bad day or week at work? Be slow to anger.

If this message seems condescending it is not intended to be (but I know someone will think it is!) :) All I'm trying to say is:

Lets have some fun! Thanks for participating.

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